This Web site is the property of SevenSport. We recognize that a lot of visitors of our Web site are worried by the information which they supply us and by the way we handle this information.

We also recognize our obligation(bond) to our customers, the community and the on-line visitors to respect the highest standards of decency, equity and integrity in all our activities.

As such, we developed a politics(policy) of confidentiality to answer these concerns. We can update the politics(policy) from time to time, then please return from time to time for the lira.


SevenSport does not collect personally recognizable information on his(her) Web site, on the condition that these people do not supply them to us voluntarily and with full knowledge of the facts, and we do not need this information so that our customers can reach one of our sites.


SevenSport can use the technology of "cookies" to obtain not personal information of his(her) on-line visitors. Cookies are files of information which your Web browser places on your computer when you visit a Web site. Most of the sailors(browsers) accept cookies automatically, but can be configured not to accept them or to indicate when a cookie is sent. We do not extract personal information within the framework of this process nor do not supply them in thirds(third parties).

We do not contact you either. Cookies allow us to personalize your user interface to accelerate the process of navigation(browsing) and return the experience(experiment) of the more effective Web site. If your sailor(browser) is configured to refuse cookies, you cannot maybe use certain features of the Web site SevenSport.


The Web site SevenSport can contain links towards other Web sites. We try hard to create only links towards Web sites sharing our high standards of decency, equity and integrity. We do our best to make sure that these links are security for everybody.

but the practices of confidentiality and collection of data of any bound(connected) Web site are completely different from SevenSport and are not covered by the present politics(policy) of confidentiality. Other Web sites can also create a link towards the Web site SevenSport without our knowledge or without our consent. SevenSport assumes(accepts) no responsibility for the contents, the politics(policies) or the actions(shares) of these Web sites.


SevenSport took measures to return all the information received from our on-line visitors so safe(sure) as possible against the accesses and the uses unauthorized. The personal information supplied by the visitors is kept(preserved) in the secure sporting database .

However, please keep in mind that no data transmission on the Internet is fully reassured(secured) and that any on-line revealed information can be potentially collected and used by parts(parties) other than the planned addressee.


The contents and the features of the Web site SevenSport can be updated, revised, modified and completed.

SevenSport reserves the right to modify the information, the characteristics, the products, the politics(policies), the promotions(classes), the disclosures and the denials of responsibility at any time.

The modifications brought to this politics(policy) of confidentiality will be published on our Web site. Please verify periodically these modifications. The continuous use of the Web site SevenSport after the publication of modifications of the present politics(policy) of confidentiality confirms your acceptance of these modifications.


The people who supply information to SevenSport can correct, update and / or delete(eliminate) personal information of our database at any time by sending an e-mail to SevenSport.