TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT ENTERS THE USER SevenSport Le Web site SevenSport consists of diverse web pages managed by SevenSport.

The Web site SevenSport is offered to you subject to your acceptance without modification of the terms, the conditions and notices were contained in the present. Your use of the Web site SevenSport establishes your acceptance of all these terms, conditions and opinion.


SEVENSPORT reserves the right to modify the terms, the conditions and the notifications by virtue of which the Web site SevenSport is proposed, including, but without limiting itself to it, expenses were associated to the use of SevenSport.


The Web site SevenSport can contain links towards other Web sites (" bound(connected) sites ").

SevenSport is not responsible for the contents of sites bound(connected), including, without limitation, any link contained in a bound(connected) site, either any modification or update of a bound(connected) site. Florida Citrus Sports is not responsible for the distribution(broadcasting) on Web or for any other shape of transmission received from any bound(connected) site. SevenSport supplies you these links only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply(involve) the approval of the site by Florida Citrus Sports, nor any association with his(her) operators.


Before using the Web site SevenSport, you guarantee to SevenSport that you will not use the Web site Florida Citrus Sports in purposes illegal or forbidden by these terms, conditions and notifications.

You cannot use the Web site SevenSport in any way which could damage, deactivate, overload or damage the Web site SevenSport or hamper(bother) the use and the enjoyment of the Web site SevenSport by another part(party).

You cannot obtain or try to obtain materials or information by ways(means) not deliberately given or supplied via Web sites SevenSport.


If the Service(Department) supplies professional information (financial, legal or medical, for example), this information is only supplied for information and must not be interpreted as a professional advice(council). No action(share) must be taken on the basis of the information contained in the service(department).

You have to look for the advice(councils) of an independent professional with an approved person and / or qualified in the concerned region.


We care about the private life of our users. You understand that by using the Services(Departments), you agree to the collection, to the use and to the disclosure of your personally recognizable information and your included data.


SevenSport worries about the integrity and about the safety(security) of your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that thirds(third parties) unauthorized can never by-pass our security measures or use your personal information in inappropriate purposes. You recognize that you supply your personal information at your own risk.


Without prior authorization and express written authorization, you cannot create of frames(executives) around our web pages nor use other techniques which distort(alter) in any way the visual presentation(display) or the appearance of our Web site.


We reserve the right, at any time and in his/her discretion, to ask you to delete(eliminate) all the links or any particular link towards our Web site. You agree to delete(eliminate) immediately all the links towards our Web site on such a demand(request).

We also reserve the right to modify at any time the present general conditions and his(her,its) politics(policy) of connection. By continuing to connect(bind) you with our Web site, you agree to be bound(connected) and to respect these terms and conditions.

Abolition(Deletion) of the links of our Web site

If you find a link on our Web site or an unacceptable bound(connected) Web site for any reason, you can contact us on this matter. We shall examine the demands(requests) of abolition(deletion) of links, but we shall have no obligation(bond) to make him(it) or to answer you directly.

Although we try hard to make sure that the information of this site is correct, we do not guarantee their exhaustiveness nor their accuracy; we do not either make a commitment to make so that the Web site remains available or so that the contents of the Web site are kept up to date. Votre avis:


We shall assume no responsibility for any contents appearing on your Web site. You make a commitment to indemnify us and to defend us against all the resulting complaints of or based on your Web site.

No link can appear on a page of your Web site or in any context containing some contents or elements which can be interpreted as slanderous, obscene or criminal, or which break, rape or recommend the breach or another violation of rights of third.


In the maximal measurement allowed by the applicable law, we exclude all the declarations, guaranteed and the conditions concerning our Web site and concerning the use of this Web site (including, without limitation, all the guarantees planned by the law as regards the satisfactory quality, the adequacy to the objective and/or the use of reasonable care and skills).

Nothing in this opinion of non-responsibility not: limit or exclude our responsibility or your responsibility in the event of death or from wounds resulting from a carelessness; limit or exclude our or your responsibility in case of fraud or in case of fraudulent declaration; limit one of our responsibilities or your responsibilities in a unauthorized way by the current law; or exclude any responsibility from us which cannot be excluded by virtue of the applicable law.

The limitations and the exclusions from responsibility expressed in the present section and somewhere else in the present opinion of non-responsibility: (a) are subjected to the previous paragraph; and (b) govern all the responsibilities resulting from the renunciation or in connection with the object of the present renunciation, including the contractual, criminal liabilities (including the carelessness) and for breach in a legal obligation.

As far as the Web site as well as the information and the services which are supplied are supplied there free of charge, we shall not be responsible for losses or damage of whatever nature.


Affectation(Appointment). The present Contract, as well as all the rights and the licenses(the Bachelor's degrees) granted at the end of the present, cannot be transferred or given up(sold) by you, but can be given up(sold) without limitation by SevenSport. Any attempt of transfer or transfer in violation of the present will be null and void.

No renunciation. No renunciation whatever term it is of the present Contract will not be considered as an additional or continuous renunciation of this term or any other term, and the breach(negligence) of SevenSport to assert to right a right(law) or an arrangement(measure) by virtue of the present Agreement does not establish(constitute) a renunciation of this right(law) or this arrangement(measure). 14. F. Contact. Thank you for contacting us in [email protected] for any question.

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