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    Any atmosphere observed during the first three rounds in the streets of St Louis gives way, in the grand finale, to a full blaze of downtown that should be stormed by more than 100,000 sports fans Saturday.

    After a 49-year absence in the Stanley Cup final, not to mention the many frustrating failures of the past few years as the Blues fell as abruptly as they did in the playoffs as they were considered favorites to win the honors, he It is normal that the passion of hockey fans is finally obvious.

    In an effort to attract attention, the NHL and its marketing department are coming down to the doors of the American West.

    One scene was installed on Market Street - Maisonneuve Boulevard to compare with Montreal or René Lévesque in Quebec City - near the Enterprise Center. A scene on which the Echosmith group will perform as of 5 pm

    Without taking anything away from the members of this group that has nothing U2 or Aerosmith - especially that this legendary rock band would be considered a bit like the enemy since it comes from Boston - the NHL gets a serious hand from the Cards at the end of the week.

    Involved in a duel with their Chicago rivals, the Cards will be packed (45,000 seats) at Busch Stadium again Saturday after their 2-1 victory in 10 games Friday at the expense of the Cubs.

    Thousands of Cubs fans are enjoying the stopping of their favorites at the gates of the West to inflate the mass of sports fans present in St. Louis this weekend.

    From Busch Stadium to the Enterprise Center the vast majority of downtown streets will be closed. Platforms have also been set up along the streets surrounding Busch Stadium - the area is known as "Ball Park Village" - to allow fans unable to obtain tickets to the homes of the Blues or Cards de follow the matches on giant screens.


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