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    Cole Caufield fits in top-5 hopes according to Craig Button
    NHL Thursday, June 6 2019. 15:29 Thursday, June 6, 2019. 17:38 Cole Caufield
    Cole Caufield (Image Source: Getty)

    Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko remain in a class of their own as they approach the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, but the prodigious exploits of maverick Cole Caufield have propelled him to fourth place in Craig Button's latest rankings. TSN.

    The small-format scorer made a noticeable six-place jump in the TSN recruiting director's rankings, behind only Hughes (# 1), Kakko (# 2) and Vancouver Giants defender Bowen Byram (# 3).

    Caufield was ranked 10th in Button's ranking in March.

    The 5-foot-7, 163-lb winger was a machine scheduled to mark this season with the US development program, finding the back of the net 72 times in 64 games, most often playing alongside Hughes.

    The highlight of his season was probably the Under-18 Championship in Sweden, where he tied Alex Ovechkin's mark by scoring 14 goals in seven games.

    "Caufield is an elite scorer," Button said. The natural marker needs an excellent game maker [Hughes] to work with him, but the opposite is also true. Caufield has the vision of a maverick and knows how to present in the right places at the right time. He is the best scorer available in this repechage. "

    Although Caufield is frequently compared to Alex DeBrincat of the Chicago Blackhawks, who scored 41 goals in 2018-2019, Button believes that the skills of the first must be more in the forefront than his modest size.

    "The most obvious comparison is DeBrincat because of their size, but when I see Caufield playing, it is the variety of ways in which he can thread the needle that catches my attention. He handles the puck with ease, gets rid of obstacles, finds the fault in the goalkeepers and his shot has a quickdraw that makes it difficult to stop. This is the type of description that suits an elite marker. I believe that Caufield should be compared to this type of player, not just to those who look like him in terms of size and weight. "

    Caufield is followed by Button's compatriot Matthew Boldy, a left winger, and Trevor Zegras, a center. Sweden's Philip Broberg (# 7) is the only other defenseman who was able to break through the top-10 recruiter.

    Another strong forward is the center of Winnipeg Ice Peyton Krebs, who climbed from 17th to 8th on Craig Button's final list. Krebs has amassed 19 goals and a total of 68 points in 64 games for the Ice, who missed the Western Junior Hockey Playoffs before being relocated from Kootenay to Winnipeg.

    "Krebs makes me think a lot about Ryan O'Reilly," says Button. Coaches are calm and confident when on the playing field. They know he's in control in many aspects of his game. "

    The rest of the top-10 is the affair of Russian winger Vasili Podkolzin (No. 9) and American striker Alex Turcotte.

    Further down the list is 15th-seeded American goaltender Spencer Knight, who is according to Button in position to become the first goaltender to be selected in the top-15 since Jack Campbell by the Dallas Stars in the 2010 draft.

    "I do not see Knight choosing as high as a risk," says Button. He is calm, in control, and has all the attributes to excel in terms of athletics. Combined with his sense of hockey, we have a future goaltender there. "


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