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    BOSTON - Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk will return to the Boston Bruins for the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final against the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday night.

    Grzelcyk suffered a concussion two weeks ago in the second game of the series and missed the last four games.

    Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said Grzelcyk got the go-ahead on Wednesday, hours before the game. Connor Clifton will leave his place to Grzelcyk in the formation.

    The Blues will also make some changes. Joel Edmundson will replace Robert Bortuzzo on defense, while Robert Thomas will give up his place to Ivan Barbashev, who has served a one-match suspension.

    Blues coach Craig Berube said Colton Parayko and Alex Pietrangelo spent a lot of time on the ice and he wanted to count on four left-handed defensemen in his squad.


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